Facial paralysis and Unani Treatment

A paralysis or weakness of one side of the face can be an alarming and depressing event in one’s life. At first it conjures up the notion of having developed a stroke, when in fact there are a myriad of other causes.

There are certain features of a paralysis that are worth noting. First, is it really a paralysis or is it a weakness of facial movement or numbness in the face. Sensation of the face is transmitted by the trigeminal nerve while movement of the face is transmitted by the facial nerve and is the subject of our discussion. Is the entire face on one side weak? If the weakness involves the entire face including eyebrow motion, the problem can be isolated to the facial nerve. If the mid-face and lower-face are paralyzed but eyebrow motion is normal, then the problem may be isolated to regions within the brain, where the facial nerve fibers run. Associated weakness of the arm or leg would also point to a problem within the brain possible affecting other nerves.
Unani Treatment:
1. Give only honey water 4 days.
2. After  4 days give Habe Ayyariz at bed time for laxation.
3. Halteet 1 ratti mix in honey water 20 ml given dose two times.
4. Roghan baid injeer 30 ml with cow milk.
5. Tiryaak Kabeer 3 gm with Arq Daarchini 50 ml is very beneficial.
6. Anqarooya kabeer or Anqarooya sageer 4 gm with Arq Baadyaan 50 ml, Sharbat Aabresham 20 ml two times daily.
7. Jawarish Utraj 10 gm or Jawarish zanjabeel 10 gm with Arq Baadyan 100 ml is also very effective.
8. Decoction of Gul Banafsa, Gul Khatmi, Gul Surkh each 6 gm, Asal alsoos muqassar 5 gm, Uood saleeb 4 gm. all of this formulation boil in Arq Baadyaan 200 ml and mix with Sharbat Anaar sheerein 30 ml.
Haboob very effective in paralysis. Turbud safaid 10 gm, Ayyariz fiqra 6 gm, Habbul neel 6 gm, suranjan 6 gm, shaham Hanzal 8 gm, Sheetraz hindi, bozidaan, Vaj, Aaqaqarha, Daarfilfil, Muqil each 5 gm, jauseer, seekanj each 3 gm, Jund baid sattar, Qaranfal each 2 gm. All of this formulation make powder and prepare tablet in aab gandna. this 5 gm tab use two time daily.